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Scene Descriptions:

Scene #1: The Iams dogs in this scene have just had large chunks of muscle cut from their thighs and have been placed on the laboratory floor to recover from the effects of the anesthetics. Some of the dogs are unconscious, while others are awake and trying to right themselves. The federal Animal Welfare Act requires that this type of surgery be conducted in “aseptic” conditions.

Scene #2: This scene provides a closeup of the Iams dogs and their wound sites.

Scene #3: A bloodied beagle is strapped down to an x-ray machine so that her muscle, fat, and bone density can be recorded.

Scene #4: One of the laboratory’s employees tells our investigator to hit the dogs on the chest if they stop breathing.

Scene #5: The Iams dog on the x-ray machine is placed back in the pile of dogs on the floor.

Scene #6: Anesthetics are administered to an Iams dog left unattended on the laboratory floor.

Scene #7: Iams dogs, some awake and some unconscious, lie on the paint-chipped laboratory floor.

Scene #8: A laboratory worker holding a dead Iams dog in a black plastic bag tells our investigator that the dog “bled out its mouth.” The dog, who was found dead in his cage, was subjected to a muscle biopsy earlier in the week.

Scene #9: Iams dog Mae-Mae exhibits stereotypical behavior (i.e., pacing and circling) associated with life in a cage.

Scene #10: Iams dog Prancer’s feet are splayed by the metal slats of her cage flooring. Dogs develop sores on their feet from this type of flooring.

Scene #11: Closeup of Prancer’s feet on the flooring of her cage.

Scene #12: During a visit by an Iams representative, one of the company’s dogs exhibits stereotypical behavior associated with life in a cage and a lack of socialization and enrichment.

Scene #13: The lighting was so poor in one of the buildings housing some of the Iams dogs that our investigator had to open the door to the outside in order to see.

Scene #14: Lacking any socialization and psychological enrichment, Iams dog Phoebe is afraid to be handled.

Scene #15: Iams dog Maisy cautiously greets our investigator while Maxine hugs the back wall of her cage.

Scene #16: Iams dog Muffy lies on the steel flooring of her cage.

Scene #17: Iams dog Gina looks out from the confines of her cage.

Scene #18: Iams dog Sally rises from the floor of her cage and cowers in fear.

Scene #19: Iams dog Mickey languishes behind the bars of her cage.

Scene #20: Iams dog Fifi, her feet splayed on the steel slats of her cage flooring, nervously watches our investigator.

Scene #21: A solitary Iams kitten in a barren, steel cage. Iams says that its kittens and puppies are litter-reared for companionship and socialization.

Scene #22: Sally’s leg is caught between the slats of her cage flooring.

Scene #23: Under the flooring of her cage, Sally’s leg can be seen.

Scene #24: A veterinary technician frees Sally without even examining her to be sure that her legs are not injured. Previously, another dog caught in the flooring of her cage was so severely injured that she was eventually killed.

Scene #25: Infected with Lyme disease, Iams dog Muffy limps in her concrete pen.

Scene #26: The director of the laboratory explains to our investigator why he believes that Iams is not committed to implementing an effective program of socialization and psychological enrichment.

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