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An Iams Gallery of Misery

The last three letters of his lab identification are “mas,” thus his name. But his life is far from a celebration. PETA’s investigator discovered that his ears had been allowed to reach a level of such extreme filth that they required medication. She noticed the problem only by giving Christmas hands-on attention which he had never previously received. His feet have developed sores from years of living on cement and slatted metal.
Fifi has been used in Iams studies for at least six years. She hides in the back of her cage constantly.
MadDog is frustrated by his life in a 3-foot-by-3-foot cage. He often pushes his food bowl onto the floor to get attention but it hasn’t done any good. He has been caged for Iams metabolic studies for six years. His voice was taken from him surgically during PETA’s investigation.
Maisy loves attention but rarely gets it. It’s even harder now that she’s been debarked and has no voice. Maisy has been caged since September 18, 1997.
Maxine hides in the back of her steel cage and in the gutter of her cement kennel. Maxine has trouble eating when she is locked in the metabolic cage. She was surgically debarked along with 18 other Iams dogs during PETA’s investigation. Iams did nothing to stop Maxine or the others from losing their voices.
Mickey has spent almost her entire life in Iams metabolic studies. She becomes extremely depressed when taken from her cement kennel to be put into the steel metabolic cage.
No Name
No Name
This Iams dog has no name—only a laboratory identification number. She lives in a dark building with no access to the outdoors or natural light, along with approximately 100 other dogs. Because she has no resting board and is not removed from the cage during cleaning time, she often is forced to sit or lie on wet concrete. She is lonely, sweet, and depressed.
Sally is extremely timid. She was born on April 10, 1996, and has spent the last six years trying to sleep and walk on cold wide-slatted floors. Many dogs injure themselves when their legs become stuck in between the slats.

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