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Features > Anna Nicole Smith Dogs Pet-Food Maker Iams Over Deadly Experiments

Anna Nicole Smith Dogs Pet-Food Maker Iams Over Deadly Experiments

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith was fed up with pet-food maker Iams over its cruel and deadly experiments on dogs and cats and agreed to star in PETA’s ad against the company. In the ad, she posed with her three pampered pooches and declared, “Marilyn, Sugar Pie, and Puppy are boycotting Iams until it stops testing on animals in labs.”

A PETA undercover investigation revealed deplorable conditions at an Iams contract animal-testing laboratory. At least 27 dogs were killed, while others died of illnesses that went untreated, despite assurances from Iams that no animal in any Iams test would ever be deliberately killed. PETA’s investigator found the following:

• Dogs and cats were confined to small, barren cages—some for up to six years.
• Dogs’ vocal cords were surgically cut out so that they couldn’t bark.
• Workers’ reports of a live kitten who was washed down a drain.
• Kennels that were extremely hot in the summer and near freezing in the winter.
• Dogs who were force-fed vegetable oil through tubes inserted down their throats.

“For the love of dogs, boycott Iams!” declared Anna Nicole. “These tests are not required by law, and animals shouldn’t live in squalor and misery for the sake of Iams’ profits.”

Find out more at IamsCruelty.com.

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