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We Want Empty Cages, Not Slightly Nicer Cages
Learn how Iams can get out of the doghouse.
Buy Dog and Cat Food Online!
Unfortunately, many of the compassionate companies that have assured us that they use only humane testing methods don't sell their products through major retail outlets. But don't worry--we've got some tips to help you get your hands on humane chow for your furry friends.
Iams Funds Cruel Researcher From Wright State University
Larry Arlian, busted by PETA in 1992, supported by Iams
Iams Flips the Bird at Validated Non-Animal Tests!
Iams continues to use an old-fashioned test that other companies have rejected!
Animals Die and Iams Lies!
Learn how Iams violated its own research policy.

Help Animals Suffering in Laboratories
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Campaign Updates
Iams Continues Cruel Experiments on AnimalsIams Continues Cruel Experiments on Animals
Iams Flips the Bird at Validated Non-Animal Tests!Update: Iams Stops Using Chicks in Tests!
We Want Empty Cages, Not Slightly Nicer CagesWe Want Empty Cages, Not Slightly Nicer Cages
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