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Animals Still Suffer at Iams
For years, PETA has pressed Iams to stop conducting and funding experiments on animals and to adopt 100 percent humane testing methods. Iams has made some progress, but many animals are still suffering for its products. Read more.

We won't buy while cats and dogs die.
Recipe for Cruelty
Iams: A Recipe for Cruelty
A nine-month investigation into the pet food giant reveals dogs and cats fed a steady diet of loneliness, suffering, and neglect in their laboratory cages.

Support Companies That Don't Test on Animals

Caring consumers might never guess that lonely animals are confined to tiny barren cages in laboratories for years on end to test dog and cat food. PETA has contacted hundreds of companion-animal food companies to find out whether they conduct laboratory tests on animals. Numerous companies responded to let us know that they do not.
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Talk to Your Local Shelter About Iams

If you volunteer at, donate to, or live near an animal shelter, please urge the shelter to stop buying and/or promoting Iams products until the company ends its cruel laboratory tests on animals. Click here for Iams literature to give to the shelter.

Animal shelters across North America are joining the Iams boycott. Let us know if your local shelter is one of them.

Help Animals Suffering in Laboratories
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Iams Continues Cruel Experiments on AnimalsIams Continues Cruel Experiments on Animals
Iams Flips the Bird at Validated Non-Animal Tests!Update: Iams Stops Using Chicks in Tests!
We Want Empty Cages, Not Slightly Nicer CagesWe Want Empty Cages, Not Slightly Nicer Cages
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